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Find out more about the pricing structure, the guarantee and the subscription system in detail.

How will my account be debited?

Subscription for the 1 or 3 Day Ticket costs 30 and 50 RUB, which is debited from your account at the end of the subscription period.

Both subscriptions allow you to rent a bike as many times as you wish during the period covered by your subscription.

However, if you exceed the first half hour which is free, the service charge is debited at the end of the subscription period.

Is it possible to choose the subscription start date?

For a 1 and 3 Day Ticket, by default your subscription begins from the moment you buy it.
You can also set start time of your subscription: activate parametr "Start date" -> "Other date and time" and set time and date of start of your subscription.

How do I pay for usage after the free half-hour?

If you opt for a 1 and 3 day ticket and you use the self-service bikes hire system for more than half an hour per journey, the charge is automatically debited from your credit card at the end of the subscription period.

What is the difference between the subscription charge and the service charge?

When you take out a 1 Day (30 RUB) or 3 Day Ticket (50 RUB), the first half-hour of every journey is free.
After the first half hour, a service charge applies. See below for pricing structure :

1 Day Ticket 30 RUB
3 Day Ticket 50 RUB

First half-hour: free
30 minutes - Hour and a half: 50 RUB
Hour and a half - ...: 150 RUB

What are stands at the stations for ? How are the dbs locked ? The FAQ provides you with information on the stations, their operation and the design of bikes.

What happens if a station is full and I can't return my bike?

Log in at the terminal with either your 1 Day or 3 Day Ticket and you will be able to see the list of nearby stations with available stands. There is also a map on the back of every terminal to help you find the closest or handiest station for you.

How do I lock the bike?

Each bike comes with an anti theft lock (you can find it in the basket). It is always advised to lock your Veli'k back into a stand at a station, however if you need to lock it for a short period, follow the steps below:
- Take the wire lock out of the basket, wrap it around a fixed object.
- Place it in the holder, located beside the metal stand-lock.
- When correctly pushed in, a key is released (located on the right of the lock).
To release the bike, put the key back in its holder and gently turn clockwise.
This will release the wire lock and you can place it back in the basket.
The bike you rent is your responsibility until you lock it back into a stand.

How long do I have to wait before I can take another bike ?

When you lock a bike back into a stand, you must wait 15 minutes before taking another.

Are the saddles adjustable?

The saddles are adjustable and should be fixed to the correct height for you before you start your journey.
Follow the steps below :
The lever to adjust the saddle is located just under the saddle
Release the lever by pulling it back
The saddle can now be moved up or down depending on the height you need
Push the lever back fully to secure the saddle
Even if the saddle is already at the correct height, release the lever and check it is under sufficient tension in that it should take reasonable force to reclose it.
Rotating the circular thumb nut on the left hand side alters the tension on the lever making it easier or more difficult to close.
This needs to be used to adjust the force required to close the lever to an appropriate level and to ensure the saddle will stay at the desired height.

How can I check the availability of stands and bikes at stations?

Each terminal has a station map. You can also consult the station map available on the website.
If you have access to an Iphone or an Android phone, then you can check for available stands and bikes through the application: AllBikesNow

Can I use a bike for more than one day?

The self-service bikes hire system allow you to rent a bike for no more than 24 hours. The system has been devised for short journeys and ensures that bikes are available for all to use.
If you do not return your bike within 24 hours, the deposit of 15000 RUB is automatically debited from your credit card or bank account and the service will seek to recover the bike.

The stand indicates that I have not returned my bike, even though I have. What should I do?

When you return your bike to a station, an audio signal of 2 beeps and a green indicator light confirm that it has been locked.
If this does not happen, try again. Otherwise, contact the Call Centre (on 8-800-700-8642) or, giving the bike and stand number and which station you are at.
An advisor will instruct you on the procedure to follow.

What's the difference between my bike and a Veli'k ?

The bikes have been designed for intense city usage. Their gear system has been designed to prevent any risk of chain misalignment and the cables are integrated in the bike frame.
They are equipped with an adjustable saddle and due to their design anyone can use them from 16 years of age, minimum height 1.50m.

How do I check that the bike is locked correctly?

When you have completed your journey simply locate the nearest station with available stands.
An audio signal of 2 beeps and a green indicator light confirm that the Veli'K is locked correctly and your usage is complete.
If there are no available stands at the station, use the terminal to locate a nearby stations with free stands.
If you are unable to lock the bikes correctly please try again at another available stand, failing that contact the Call Center on 800-700-8642 or
An advisor will handle your request.

General questions
What should I do in the event of theft or an accident ? The FAQ provides you with information on all the procedures to follow in the event of a problem.

Is it necessary to take out public liability insurance to use the service?

You are not insured by the provider to use the self-service bikes hire system and you do so entirely at your own risk.
We advise you to take out your own public liability insurance if you do not have such a policy already in place.

I have lost my PIN, what should I do?

You should call the Call Center on 8-800-700-8642 or send request to unblock your subscription on

Who is responsible if something happen during a bike ride?

You are not insured by the provider when using the system of self-service bicycles. You use the bikes entirely at your own risk.

What should I do if the bike or my card is lost or stolen?

In the event of theft of the bike, go to the police immediately to report the incident.
Also notify immediately the Call Center on 8-800-700-8642 or and send a copy of your police report to the following address:
LLC «Kvadrus»: Moscow Region, Krasnogorsky District, 26th km of the "Baltic" highway, business center "Riga Land", building 1.

What should I do if I have an accident with a bike?

Notify immediately the Call Centre on 8-800-700-8642 or Until the bike has been locked at a stand, it remains under your liability.

What are the General Conditions of Access and Use?

The General Conditions of Access and Use inform you of your rights and obligations when using the service.
General Conditions of Access and Use are mandatory for holders of 1 and 3 Day Ticket.

Are my personal details secure on the website?

The website protects your personal and confidential details; other web users will not have access to your
subscription number or PIN if they try to log in after you.

Are helmets provided?

The Kazan bikes service does not provide helmets. If you wish to wear a helmet, you must bring this yourself.
We recommend you are safety conscious at all times when cycling in G. Road Safety Guidelines and advice can be found on this website
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