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The self-service bike coming shortly to the streets of Kazan


As spring arrives, Veli'K is gearing up to give you access to its self-service hire bikes. Ultimately, you will have access to 12 stations and 260 bikes. Make the most of the fine weather to find out about your new system of self-service bikes for hire. Hop on a bike on the ? 


Available  24 hours, 7 days per week, the self-service bike hire system allows you to make the most of the landscape and activities of the city. Readily accessible thanks to a network of stations, the service will be close to the shops. 


For getting to your place of work or leisure, or for running a quick errand, the self-service bike hire system is a highly practical solution that offers a new way of getting around the city. You will find stations in the busy shopping areas.


The system is simple to use, so you can pick up or drop off a bike in a matter of moments, where you want, when you want. You could take a bike to work and come home by bus, for example. Veli'K leaves you free to travel how you want, to make your journey by bike alone or to switch between different modes of transport.


The self-service bike hire system is a real answer to your transport needs. 

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